The Influential Men Who Helped Make Hilton Head Island and Greater Bluffton so Special

Our very own John Reed, considered by many as "the man who made Greater Bluffton come to life," has been and continues to this day, to be an integral part of making the Greater Bluffton area such a special place to not only visit, but to set roots down and build a life.

"Since 1989 Reed, together with a long list of financial, development and consulting partners, has put in place five exceptional large-scale private communities in the geographic area known as Greater Bluffton. These include Colleton River Plantation, Belfair, Berkeley Hall, Hampton Hall, and Hampton Lake. Additionally, Reed and his associates played a major role in the commercial development of Belfair Town Village and major commercial sites along Buckwalter Parkway including Berkeley Place and Buckwalter Place. And still, while having turned CEO control of The Reed Group to his son Pratt earlier this year, Reed continues to keep his hand in shaping the Greater Bluffton area with new projects in The Argent Tract and other places." - Celebrate Hilton Head Magazine